March 25, 2024

emote3D — Designing Your Space With Our 3D Shelf Configurator

What is a 3D Shelf Configurator?

A 3D shelf configurator, whether a software tool or online platform, authorizes users to design and customize shelves in 3D space. It features a user-friendly interface where individuals can easily select various parameters including shelf dimensions, materials, number of shelves, colors, styles, and configurations.

With this tool, users can visualize their custom shelves before making a purchase. They have the flexibility to experiment with different designs, adjust dimensions, and preview the final result from multiple angles. The primary objective is to enhance the user experience by providing a streamlined planning process, fostering creativity, and facilitating seamless customization and purchase of shelf products.

Benefits of Having a 3D Shelf Configurator in Your Business

  • A 3D shelf configurator enhances visualization for customers
  • It allows for customization of shelves to meet individual preferences
  • A 3D configurator increase sales and conversion rates
  • It helps reduce errors in the ordering process
  • Interactive 3D models improve customer engagement
  • 3D configurators aid in efficient marketing strategies

The Must-have Features for a 3D Shelf Configurator

  1. Visual Brilliance: Focus on presenting materials and textures realistically to enhance user experience
  2. Interactive Design: Allow moving, rotating, and combining elements without a grid for easy customization
  3. User-Friendly Interface: Ensure simplicity in user interaction for a seamless and enjoyable experience
  4. Inspiration and Customization: Provide tools for users to be inspired, customize their shelves, and cross the sales funnel efficiently
  5. Saving, Sharing, and Purchasing: Enable users to save, share, and purchase their configured products easily
  6. Multichannel Compatibility: Ensure a seamless user experience across desktop and mobile devices without barriers
  7. Backend Automation: Implement automated workflows for product information updates and campaign management
  8. Product Flexibility: Offer a wide range of customization options to cater to individual preferences and needs
  9. Cost Calculation: Display average product costs during configuration and allow for final pricing by specific dealers

The 3D Shelf Configurator from Emote 3D

The 3D shelf configurator is a virtual tool designed to assist users in creating personalized storage racks in three dimensions. With this tool, users can customize the rack’s length, height, and depth, along with adjusting the number of shelves to precisely fit their requirements. 

Moreover, users can replicate columns, simplifying the creation of multiple identical or similar racks effortlessly. Essentially, the 3D shelf configurator streamlines the design and customization of storage solutions by offering flexibility and control over various parameters, thereby aiding users in crafting the ideal rack tailored to their space and storage needs.


Length, Height, and Depth Adjustments
Users can adjust the rack's size by changing its dimensions. This flexibility lets users customize the rack to fit their space perfectly.
  • Length (width)
  • Height (tallness)
  • Depth (depth)
For example, narrow spaces can have reduced length and increased height for better vertical storage.
Customizing Shelf Count
The configurator allows users to choose the number of shelves in the rack.
  • Need more space? Add more shelves.
  • Want larger compartments? Reduce shelves.
Customize storage to fit your needs.
Replicating Columns
Users can replicate columns for identical racks, saving time and ensuring consistency.
This means creating one column with specific dimensions and features, then replicating it for additional racks with the same setup.

Highlighting Features

A 3D rack configurator goes beyond mere shelf design; it incorporates useful features aimed at streamlining your overall experience.

Language Switching

This feature enables users to select their preferred language. Whether the user is fluent in German, Danish, or any other language, switching to it is as easy as a single click. By offering this capability, we ensure that everyone can comfortably utilize the tool and comprehend the instructions provided.

Detailed Invoice

Following the completion of the rack design, you’ll receive a comprehensive breakdown of all materials and associated costs. This itemized bill provides a transparent overview of the expenses, similar to a store receipt. Offering clarity on the cost distribution ensures that you have a clear understanding and helps prevent any unforeseen expenses.


The configurator provides a comprehensive list presenting detailed information about each shelf. This encompasses their type, dimensions, materials, and weight capacity. Having these precise specifications readily available allows users to understand the capabilities of the shelves thoroughly, enabling them to make any required adjustments with confidence.

3D Shelf Configurator Dashboard

We offer a user-friendly dashboard. This dashboard makes it easy for you to manage key settings.

Dimension Adjustment

  • Adjust dimensions by setting minimum, maximum, and step values for depth, height, and shelf count. This intuitive feature facilitates the creation of racks that seamlessly integrate into your space while catering to your storage requirements.

Effortless Product Detail Editing

  • With the dashboard’s user-friendly interface, editing product content becomes a breeze. Update information regarding materials, load capacities, and other product details with ease, ensuring your records remain accurate and up to date.

Existing/Traditional Solution vs. 3D Shelf Configurator

This table organizes the pros and cons of both the existing traditional solution and the 3D configurator solution for rack combinations, highlighting their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Existing/Traditional Solution 3D Shelf Configurator


  • Quick and inexpensive development
  • Doesn't require complex coding or customization


  • One-time development investment
  • Long-term cost savings due to reduced maintenance and update costs
  • Minimal manpower requirement for ongoing maintenance
  • Product limitation setting based on available stocks to optimize inventory management
  • Dynamic and interactive 3D visualization for enhanced user experience
  • Real-time adjustments to colors, sizes, and configurations for improved design flexibility
  • A better understanding of the depth and spatial relationships within the design for informed decision-making


  • Expensive and time-consuming image generation
  • Heavy reliance on human resources for image generation
  • Lack of interactivity and real-time changes possible with 3D visualization
  • Limited depth perception and exploration compared to 3D visualization


  • Higher initial development time and cost compared to the traditional method
  • Requires technical expertise for implementation and maintenance
  • Complexity in integration and customization

So what are you waiting for? Build your product smarter – get on board with 3D configurators!

If you’re ready to start utilizing advanced 3D configurator technologies to make your product visuals truly stand out from the rest, contact the emote3D team today via our contact page or call us directly at +91(944).278.9110. 

Our experienced team of 3D configurator developers from India is here to help you get started on your journey toward enhanced visualizations!

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